Punjab polls 2017: Populist policies led to economic slowdown, joblessness

Punjab, will vote on February 4, 2017, to choose a new government


Fate of eight Turkish airmen is an acid test for democracy | Nick Cohen

The future of Europe will be imperilled if the birthplace of democracy agrees to extradite eight ‘coup plotters’ to Turkey

Hard questions for democracies have piled up with a speed we have yet to take in. After the cold war, westerners asked how to stand up to autocrats. Should we intervene to stop genocide in Bosnia? Or demand sanctions and boycotts to protect the rights of Tibetans? The rise of communist China, Putin’s Russia and Erdoğan‘s Turkey changed the terms of debate. The question was no longer should we intervene, but could we intervene against powers more than able to resist pressure?

Now that the Trump administration has slouched towards Washington to be born and strongmen have muscled their way into the chancelleries of eastern Europe, the question is more basic: how are supposed democracies different from actual dictatorships?

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