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GO GO GO, 1st 1500 Folks Needed for Online Panel (get FREE Walmart + Target + Amazon Gift Cards)! Great news, we learned the Exclusive Tell Wut Online Research Panel is looking for more folks to join their exclusive online research panel ASAP via this particular link! If accepted, you’ll be able to to earn FREE Amazon, Walmart, and Target gift cards in exchange for sharing your opinions about popular brands, companies, products, and more! I love this site!! HURRY here before this particular link ends (it’s FREE): TellWut Panel ***IMPORTANT be sure to check your email / confirm your email address

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Please note you will not instantly receive Amazon, Target or Walmart gift cards for joining; you earn free gift cards for sharing your opinion on popular brands you use. Win prizes and rewards by participating in surveys and sending referrals! Join TellWut for FREE. Click here

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MCX partners with Thomson Reuters to launch co-branded commodity indices

Multi Commodity Exchange of India (MCX) today announced that it has joined hands with Thomson Reuters to launch co-branded commodity indices in India. The move follows signals from Sebi, the regulator of commodity derivatives, to open up commodity markets.Sebi has already allowed trading in commodity options, though the opening up is with a caution. For allowing trading in indices, the regulator was deliberating the issue. Unlike equity indices derivatives, commodity indices are not directly useful for hedging in general but they are used more for assets allocations.According to sources, once MCX is ready with first set of indices, series existing indices for metals, agri etc are likely to be phased out as the new indices will be prepared using more scientific methods.Sources close to the development said that, “In the first phase, MCX proposes to have around 5-6 Indices viz. Couple of Product basked Indices, Couple of single commodity Indices, and Composite Index. Trying to be ready .